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Welcome To The Panama City Beach Visitors Guide Offering More Fun & Sun In Florida Than Most People Can Possibly Hande !

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Thomas Drive Amusement Attractions, Restaurants & Condos!

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Welcome To An Area Of Beach That Is Probably Some Of The Most Beautiful Beach Found On The Planet Earth.

Emerald Shores make time almost seem to stand still.

Once you take a step on the beach. You will never want to go home. The water color will change depending upon the time of day. It may be emerald green, a deep blue sea,  or many other exciting variations.

This Is Where You Want To Be !

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We are here at the Beach with you for all the Festivities All Year Long. If you ever forget our site name. Just think Panama City and Look to The Sun ! You will then have it figured out. (Don't Look At The Sun Too Long :)

What A View Of The Beach !

More Great Pictures, Great Fun, Great Values and Insight On Hotel, Motel, Lodging, Dining, Recreation And Amusement Values. Everything You Expect When You Visit The One & Only

Any view of Panama Beach Is Always A Great One !

Welcome To The, Hang on and get ready to take the plunge into the most fun you can have under the Sun !

Enjoy Panama City Beach & Our City !

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Panama City Beach Is Not Just Girls, Girls, Girls, Guys, Guys, Guys & Swimsuits. We also have a very nice cultural scene greatly inspired by the Gulf Of Mexico. Join us in this new section where we look forward to bringing you a little of the Beach Art & Music that takes place here in Panama City as well. CLICK THE Pic Below to Visit this new section of Fun Under The Sun !

Music & Art In Your Panama City, Bay County Area!

The Beach, The City, The Numerous Attractions. It Can All Be Found Under The Warm Sunshine Of Panama City !

What Happened With The Treasure Ship? CLICK HERE To See This Special Section Here!

Want To Know What Movies are Playing In Your Local Movie Theaters or What Live Performances Or Artist Performing in Your Local Cultural or Performing Arts Theatre ? CLICK the above links to visit the theater sections of the, Who knows what you will find. You might even think you are seeing Elvis Presley Live ! Stranger things have happened I guess. Enjoy Panama City Beach, Florida

There is so much growth and excitement in the Pier Park area of the beach and now you can see the Movie Showtimes at the Grand Theatre located in Pier Park as well.

So Many Selections, Choices & Opportunities Under The Panama City Sun !

The Sun, The Ocean Breeze. The Beach, Sailing, Boating.

Let's Go Sailing At Panama City Beach !

From Barefoot Beach To High Rise Condo. We Look Forward To Bringing It All To You Here Under The Panama City Sun!

The Sky Is The Limit With The Panama City Sun !

St. Andrews State Park Offers Beautiful Natural Beach with Picnic, Camping & The Beach At Its Best!

Now we just need you !

We hope you will make the your online Tourist Visitor Information Center. If there is something you would like to see on the site that is not already here. Let us know and we will try to include it in our updates where possible.

Your Local Panama City Weather Forecast brought to you by is located below. Link will open new window that you can x out when you are done and still be here on the Panama City Sun. CLICK HERE for your Local Panama City Beach Weather Forecast With Extended Outlook for trip planning.

Join Us For Your Fun In The Sun, The Panama City Sun !

To Highway 98 Into The Front Beach Road Strip Area, Let Your Panama City Sun Be Your Window Into The Beach Area

The Burning Hot Beach Party Never Stops With Your Official Sun Source For Panama City Beach!

The World Visitor's Guide, Travel Information & Beach Party Place Homepage.

Your Official Online Panama City Sun Source In

Panama City Beach, Florida

Summer Fun here in Panama City almost never stops. Even off season we have so much going on here in P.C.B. If you are about to join us. There is so much happening here in P.C. and this Summer has been a blast with the crowds growing even with the economy because we have so much in affordable fun here on PCB and our surrounding area. We are now working at full speed for more continuous non stop Summer Fun and the rest of the year here on our beaches. It's been such a great year under the Panama City Sun that we are expanding our site to cover the Beautiful Mexico Beach here with us in Bay County too! always remember Panama City Beach is the place where the party never really ends. So many beach party activities. So much fun is always here under the Sun! There is something fun to do 24/7 here on Panama City Beach. We have had one Hot & Sunny Summer this year & your Panama City Sun is here shining bright with you all the way for all seasons, all year long.

Endless Summer Fun Is Here, The Beach Party Scene On Your Panama City Sun Is Now With More Parties & More Fun In The Sun!

Welcome to the White Sands and Emerald Green Waters Of Panama City Beach. Florida's Place In The Sun For Fun In Panama City and the Panama City, Emerald Coast Beach area. We are proud to serve as your Welcome Center online visitors guide for the Panama City Area. We look forward to bringing you dining, eating out, nightlife, nightclub, lodging, hotel, motel, condominium, bed & breakfast, local inn, general visitor & tourism accommodation information here on your fun in the sun spot. We want to show you Panama City Beach, Panama City and share with you great tips to maximize the value of your Panama City trip while not breaking your wallet and to help you to experience a safe and enjoyable trip here in Panama City.

Where can you find more Sunshine On Panama City Beach Than Anywhere Else Around ? On Your Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide Of Course !

Our readers have started one of the Biggest Beach Parties anywhere on the Planet Earth. Panama City Beach, Florida is now packed with our very special readers and site visitors. Of course we have been holding a very special place at the party just for you here on your Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide!

Welcome To The World Famous Panama City Beach, We Are Holding A Spot Just For You!

Find Your Area For Fun Under The Panama City Sun

You Can Look Around Your Sun Site Using The Easy Navigational Links Below!

So Many Dining Choices Under The Sun !

Our Famous Restaurant Selector Dining Out Guide.

It Is Split Into 3 Sections with Restaurant Names Alphabetically Listed.

A-G   H-P   Q-Z

New Section, Read All About It !

The Treasue Ship Restaurant, What Happened? Read All About It Here!

The Treasure Ship Restaurant, Marina & Gift Shop, What Happened? Read About It Here!

Are We Famous Yet ?

Beach Fun Section. Real People Having Real Fun In The Sun ! Lots Of Great People & Nice Pictures. You Might Even Be Here !


1  2  3

Your Local Weather Forecast. Hopefully Lots Of Panama City Beach Sun !

Our Local Weather Forecast Here In Panama City & The Beach Area.

Panama City Beach Now Has Some Of The Best Shopping Under The Sun Too !

Pier Park, The Outdoor Beach Shopping Mall. Many Color Pictures & Growing. Also Contains a Separate Section On Just The Beach Pier With Nice Pics Too!

So Many Attractions Here Under The Panama City Sun !

Amusement Attractions Including Zoo, Animals, Amusement Parks, Bowling, Skating Rinks, Water Parks & More !

Did Somebody Say Let Me See The Beach ? We Deliver It !

Our Photo Gallery Of The World Famous Panama City Beach Area.

(Lots Of Nice Pictures Here Too & More To Come.)

Stay Safe While Having Fun Under The Sun !

Beach Safety Tips Section With An Explanation of the Beach Warning Flag System.

Getting Around Under The Panama City Sun !

Getting Around The City & The Beach Area Transportation Guide.

Taxi, Limousine, Bus Charters, Shuttle Vans & Bus Lines. 

Bike Rentals, Motorcycles, Scooters & Cool Fun Ways Of Getting Around Under The Panama City Sun !

Recreational Transportation Around Panama City Beach ! Alternative & Fun Transportation Methods.

Motorcycle Rentals, Scooters, Bicycles Electric Cars & More!

Live Theatre Here In The Land Of The Sun Is Great Too !

Local Cultural Performing Arts Theatres, Live Plays & The Panama City Marina Civic Center Information Section.

Every Movie Playing In Panama City Under The Sun Is Here !

Movie Theater Guide, What's Playing At The Movies? Your Local Movie Showtimes & Film Schedule Are Here.


When The Sun Goes Down. The Nights Really Heat Up In Panama City, Florida !

Nightlife, Bars, Clubs & Adult Night Spots.

Lowest Gas Prices In The Panama City Beach & Surrounding Florida Area.

Lowest Gas Prices in Panama City & The Beach Area. Using Our Site. U Save At The Pump!

Music & Art In the Panama City Beach Area.

Music & Art In The Panama City Area. (New Section)

Miracle Strip Amusement Park, What Happened Here On Panama City Beach?

Miracle Strip Amusement Park & Petticoat Junction Amusement Park. What Happened ? Read All About It Here!

There Is Even More Fun To Come Here Under Your Panama City Sun !

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Panama City Beach is some of the the most beautiful Beach found anywhere in the entire World. It is World Class and this is why you see an incredible density level of development on this beautiful strip of World Class Florida Beachfront area. Panama City Beach Is Known as "The Beach Lover's Beach" and even with development it is well preserved with still many natural protected areas and a high level of public access points.

Traditionally Panama City Beach was known as the Miracle Mile with much of this due to the combination of Miracle Strip Amusement Park which has closed in past years and served as a tourism centerpiece for the area and the sugar white sands of the beach. Miracle Strip had an attached water park which still stands today called Shipwreck Island and you can visit today for splashing great times in this Florida Water Park. One of the popular slang terms for this area was "The Redneck Riviera" and this term was coined from the fact that often times lower income Southern Families came from near and far by the station wagon or the pick-up truckload for low cost Family Fun, A day at the beach and the low cost amusement parks. The feeling of the locals and business community was to try and class up the area and lose the Miracle Mile Redneck Riviera that they perceived as an economic stigma and this area of coastal beauty was renamed "The Emerald Coast" Due to the frequent Emerald Green Color of the beautiful green and clear ocean water. Much of the older tourist attraction development has given way to Panama City having a modern metropolitan area skyline loaded with upscale condominiums that their builder's and realtor's hope you will buy. Some of these are most impressive and built with World Class amenities to attract the most discriminating taste traveler.

The Beach Party Is In Full Swing,

Come Join Us For The Fun !

Panama City Super Summer Fun Never Ends !

It's A Non Stop Beach Party On Panama City Beach !

Panama City today still has almost any type of Fun Under The Sun you could ever want much of which is still affordably priced. This area is a great place for shopping and you can find many stores selling almost anything you can imagine. As previously mentioned many of our visitors will approach the beach area from the East and as you enter the beach area. Never fear, There is a Wal-Mart with smiling faces and low prices waiting for you. (They have plenty of competition here in PC for Low prices. Panama City has some real shopping bargains.)

Wal Mart At Front Beach Road & Thomas Drive. Easy To Find.

The local merchants are definitely fun to shop too and are most creative in their ways to lure you into their stores to spend. For shoppers Pier Park as seen on the right column above is a major beach shopping area attraction and host many of the popular stores found in many shopping malls around the Country.

Regardless if you are looking for a quiet getaway and having some nice time on a beautiful beach or if you are looking for the totally happening party place atmosphere. Calm Ocean Breeze Or The Bumper To Bumper Traffic of the Panama City Beach Nightlife Excitement. Panama City Beach, Florida can fill the need for your fun and relaxation in the warm Florida sunshine. This area is 27 Warm Sunny Miles of Pure Clean Sugar White Sand Beach Paradise spanning from The Gulf Of Mexico To Saint Andrews Bay featuring Swimming, Beach Fun, Boating, Parasailing, Diving, Snorkeling, Sunbathing & Everything Else you could expect at the beach and more. Panama City Beach is one of the most popular beachfront destinations in the World and the jewel of the panhandle of Florida. One visit to Panama City and you see many reasons why this is.

You will find almost everything you might be looking for from peace and quiet on the beach for relaxation all the way to the largest & wildest parties. It all happens here on Panama City Beach and we are proud to feature it on your Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide!

Panama City Beach Offers Everything From A Peaceful & Quiet Esape To The Biggest Beach Parties & We Look Forward To Covering It All Here On Your Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide!

There is a belief about Florida that the beach has been over built and unless you are one of the few rich. You will will have no decent access to this World Class Beach. This is definitely not the case with Panama City Beach. I will say in our travels that the Panama City Municipalities have done a wonderful job of creating and maintaining many highly visible public access points all up and down the beach so that everyone regardless of socioeconomic level may enjoy a wonderful day at the beach as it should be for all Americans. In our visits here on the beach, we have met a wonderful array of people with incomes and taste from Hot Dogs & Hamburgers to Caviar who all partake in all of the fun that our Panama City Beach has to offer.

Everyone Is Welcome & Able To Visit Panama City Beach !Follow Safety Advisory Flags For A Safe & Happy Trip To PC Beach !

I will not say that parking to some of these access points may be a challenge. We found that if you look up and down the beach a bit. You will find some access points have designated parking and are more of a park where some access points are simply access with nothing else. Overall our journalistic & photo teams were pleasantly surprised on this issue and it has made for wonderful visits in our collection of fun under your Panama City Sun ! At most Beach access points you will find safety warning flags like the one pictured above. As you enter the public access point you will find a directory that explains these safety levels. It is highly recommended to learn and follow these for a safe and enjoyable visit to your Panama City Beach. Again the local authorities do a great job bringing you Beach & Safety Information. It is of course up to you to use it wisely and make good choices. Stay safe while enjoying Panama City Beach !

You Can Find Anything Under The Sun In Panama City, Florida !

Here at the Panama City Sun Site, we are happy to bring you an extensive restaurant & dining guide for any type of World Famous Florida Seafood, Gourmet/Fine Dining, Simple Functional Land Lovers or Comfort Food Entrees. Indoors, Outdoors, Seaside, Bayside Dockside, on the resort strip areas, hotel room service or in the Panama City area, Your Panama City Sun Visitor's Guide is here front and center with all of it and bringing it right into your living room or office computer. Regardless if you are looking for a breakfast, lunch or dinner. We do the research and bring you the best quality information on these selections while looking out for the best values for your hard earned dollar. The Panama City Sun Restaurant & Dining Guide is now one of the largest area restaurant directories found in the World on Restaurant listings for the Emerald Gulf Coast Of Florida ! Fast Food Or Fine Foods, You Will Find It All Under The Sun, The Panama City Sun ! So what are we going to eat today? We have hundreds of restaurants waiting for your selection in our Restaurant Directory.

Somebody said there are no waves at Panama City Beach, This guy clearly did not listen. Enjoy Surfing At Panama City Beach !

Many have said there is no surf at Panama City Beach. I think someone forgot to explain that to this surfer above as he takes in the waves at Panama City Beach. This looks fun. Look At Him Go ! You can see more Surfing Pics as well as your own fun here in Panama City Beach in our Beach Fun Pictures Section. It has now been expanded to 3 big sections by popular demand since there is just so much beach party Fun Here Under The Panama City Sun. It's Real People Having Real Fun !

Click Us For More Fun At The Beach Than Many People Can Handle !

As The Panama City Sun site grows we are preparing to bring you a live conversation message board so you may comment on your visit or experiences or ask questions from either those who live here or those who are visiting here and may have answers to your questions here at the Beach in Panama City or in our beach area. There is always so much happening in Panama City and we are attempting to stay up with this. Of course we will probably always be a little behind in doing this as fast as things move, change and grow in our community under the Sun, but we will always try to keep having our own fun under the Sun, The Panama City Sun!

Our last visit sampling beach life here in P.C. when I said I had to get back to work. One of our team said you call this work ? I simply laughed, smiled and said well I guess it's a tough job but somebody has to do it. We always enjoy getting the assignment of Panama City Beach !

You can always use the Panama City Sun to bring you the current local weather forecast for the Panama City Beach Area. We try to have something for everyone who wants to take in the warm sunshine here in Panama City Beach.

Panama City is the Number 1 Spring Break Destination In The World and offers some truly remarkable World Class Vacation Resort Properties. Regardless if your budget is World Class or Budget class. Our Mission here at The Panama City Sun Homepage is to bring you the maximum level of fun and value for your hard earned dollar. We will be bringing you tips to have the maximum level of enjoyment while maintaining personal safety and motor vehicle safety tips and service assistance information as well. We have our work cut out for us and we have your fun worked out for you. Nice arrangement, We try and enjoy the beach too.

The Local Panama City Beach Sun Site is brought to you by Florida Publishers Travel & Entertainment Guides who is known as one of the World's Largest Producers of Florida Tourism & Travel Guide Information. As we say at Florida Publishers, We Do Florida Right !

The might be a new site. Our Experience is not.

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Now we look Forward To Doing Panama City Right. Go Ahead and grab your comfortable pair  of flip flops, beach towel, swimming mask and snorkel and get ready to join us for World Class Fun in The Florida Sun & Now The Panama City Sun for that matter. We have been working hard on getting this site up and running. I think I am off to catch some waves !

Welcome to the Official New Visitor's Home Page For Panama City Beach, Florida,


To Pier Park & All The Way To The West End Of Panama City Beach!

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Welcome To Bay County, The World's Most Beautiful Beach, A Whole Lot Of Fun & Great Times Await You !

Do You Operate A Business Here In Panama City or in our Bay County County Area? Let's Keep It Local & Utilize The Power Of Our Own Local Panama City Sun To Bring New Spending Dollars In Your Own Front Doors! Your Visitors Guide Now Reaches Millions Around The Globe & There Is No Reason You Can't Harness The Power Of The Sun To Bring Some Of Our Readers In Your Very Own Local Business Front Doors here in Panama City or even now on Mexico Beach!

Mexico Beach Or Panama City Beach, Your Sun Shines Bright In The Sky & Around The World!

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List Of Lowest Gas Prices In Panama City Area Can Be Found Here!

Panama City Beach Is Now Home To Pier Park. What Is This You Ask ? You really have to see it to experience it. It is brought to you by Simon Malls and is kind of like an outdoor Shopping Mall At The Beach. It is quite large and features anchor stores JCPenny, Target & Dillards. It is home to the Grand Movie Theatre 16 & Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Restaurant and many more attractions too numerous to list here. Pier Park is an attraction in itself during the day or at night. You will find a very active scene here at Pier Park almost anytime day or night. We are proud to present a look at Pier Park. We expect this section to grow as we develop the site.

Pier Park, The Panama City Beach Shopping Mall & Entertainment Attraction !

Of course Panama City does have the traditional indoor mall located in the City of Panama City at 2130 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Intersecting Hwy 231 & 23rd Street. The Panama City Mall has a Low Cost Discount $1.50 Movie Theater and many places to see and enjoy too!

The Panama City Mall In Panama City.

Many visitors will enter the Beach Area from the East which is from Panama City. The main divider between Panama City & Panama City Beach is of course the World Famous Hathaway Bridge. As you drive over this bridge from the City. You feel the excitement as you are about to come upon a lifetime experience & excitement level of fun & sun beach adventure.

When You Drive Across The Bridge & Toward The Beach. You Know You Have Found Paradise !


Looking for all the Cool Happenings In Panama City that make us World Class in our Nightlife Scene. CLICK HERE for the directory of nighttime hot spots so you can see where the party starts when the Sun Goes Down. Rock & Roll, Country, Sexy Outings. It's all here in Panama City Nightlife !

Sunshine Or City Lights, Panama City Beach Is Beautiful !

Find Your Type Of Fun Under The Panama City Sun Day Or Night !

The Lights Of The Panama City Sky, It's Quite A Site To See !

Panama City has almost any type of fun you can imagine.

Flipping Out Over The Fun Under The Panama City Sun !

In some Cases People Are Flipping Out Over The Fun They Found Under The Panama City Sun ! (Don't Try This At Home Folks :)

We Will See You For Fun Under The Sun At The Beach !

You can even rent a motorcycle, Harley Davidson, Sport Bike, Cruisers, No Shifting Gears Scooter, all sorts of alternative transportation vehicles both gas and battery operated electric cars etc. Water & Amusement Parks, The Beach, The Shopping Experience. There is just so much to do 24 Hours A Day here in Panama City Beach. Incredible is the word that comes to mind every time I go out for fun in the City or on the Beach here in Panama City, Florida.

Your Ride In Panama City Beach Is Waiting !

CLICK HERE To Visit Our All New Transportation Guide. You Will Find Taxi Cabs, Limousines & More !

If you are looking to fill your stomach with some of the great food from Panama City Including World Renown Seafood, Great Steaks, Tasty & Traditional Italian Dishes or just looking for a quick fast food meal. Our New Extensive Dining & Restaurant Guide should have a solution waiting for you. CLICK  HERE to visit the Panama City Sun Dining Out Guide. Our Restaurant Guide Is Probably One Of The Most Extensive Directory Listings Of Restaurants In The Panama City Beach Area. We think you will find something you like here.

Fast Food Or Gourmet, You Will Find It All Under The Sun !

Thanks For Joining Us On Your Panama City World Famous Beach Party Site!

The Panama City Sun site is looking forward to becoming one of your top real estate buying, selling, leasing and renting guides. We are preparing to provide in depth coverage on the best values in condo sales and rentals. Time Share, Resort management/investment support and a multitude of buyer assistance programs for those looking to purchase a vacation or condominium property here in Panama City, Florida or now even Mexico Beach, Florida Too!

It's All Under The Warm & Beautiful Panama City Sun !

We try and cover everything under the Sun here in Panama City, Florida. From the City to a small lake, golf course, sporting events, bay issues. Really almost anything if it's of interest to our readers and visitors seeking an online Newspaper source here at Panama City Beach & Now Mexico Beach Too. Panama City Sun has become the trusted choice of International Beach Visitors from around the World with translation help from Sister Global Tourism Promotional sites we operate or sponsor. It's way more than a traditional paper travel guide could ever offer!

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There many great advertising opportunities opening up here under the Sun. The You can tell we are positioned to become a premier Visitor's Showcase for those visiting Panama City. We would like to Showcase your business here on the Sun too ! Our start-up advertising rates are fantastic. The name is even better. Lets bring some Panama City World Famous Sunshine to your business advertising program.

This is the place that any great retail store, restaurant or tourism oriented business absolutely has to be. It's the place of today and the site for today !

Spring Break Here We Come !

The Panama City Official Web site for Local Governmental, City Employment, City Council, City Financial Statements, Regulatory, Business, Occupational Regulation, Chamber Of Commerce, Gas, Electric Utility Rate & Service Information is below.


While Traveling In The State Of Florida. You can get complete highway safety & traffic advisory information from your cell phone and view major highways by webcam on your computer.

With Florida's 511, Your Cell Phone Can Keep You Safer Than Ever!