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Welcome To Panama City Beach, Florida. This section of our site is all about just the City Pier here on your Panama City Sun. The Dan Russell-Fields Pier is open and attracting thousands for siteseeing and fishing fun here at Panama City Beach!

The Pier Is Open, Come See The Pier On Panama City Beach!

Your City Pier, Dan Russell Fields Pier & The County Pier, M.B. Miller Pier are here for you on Panama City Beach. Take in the sparkling waters of the Emerald Coast as you never have seen before!

Dan Russell Fields City Pier View

The Dan Russell City Pier Is Quite large as seen here from above.

Almost Everyone from all walks of life are taking in Panama City Beach with our new Beach Piers & easy beach access to so many modern conveniences now right here on our beach!

Everyone Is Hitting The Emerald Green Waters Of Panama City Beach!

Many enjoy the Russell Fields Pier and now the County's M.B. Miller Pier Identical to this Pier is now open east of this Pier on Panama City Beach as well.

There is now so much to do and to see on Panama City Beach. Come on out and join in the fun!

There are many options for any size budget or fisherman skill level to partake in excellent saltwater  fishing here on Panama City Beach or in the Gulf Of Mexico. The City Beach Pier will serve as your lowest cost way to get out over the water and partake in some excellent fishing fun for yourself or the entire family.

The Beach Piers are so long you can get your daily exercise just walking the pier. Site Seeing, Fishing & Just Plain Good Old Fashioned Beach Lovers, It's All Here On Your Panama City Beach Pier & More!

It's A Great Day On The Panama City Beach Pier, Many Are Catching Fish & The Weather Is Beautiful, Warm & Sunny!

Of course if a half a mile out is not quite enough for you. You will have a number of Fishing and Charter Boat Rental Options Available here in P.C. as well. Some of these can be found in our Amusement Attractions section. This is by no means a complete listing of fishing or boat charter operators but it is an excellent place to start your search for your fishing trip on the Emerald Waters of Panama City Beach!

Some enjoy really great fishing right here off of the City Dan Russell Pier & the M.B. Miller Pier.

Nice Big Red Fish Caught Here On The Gulf Of Mexico on the City Municipal Beach Pier!

So what kind of fish are a popular catch here on the Piers at Panama City Beach? Popular catches we have seen or heard from visitors include Blue Marlin, an abundance of Flounder & Grouper,  Lady Fish, Trout, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, An occasional Snook, Red Fish, Sheepshead more popular at night, Pompano and even more. 

Many have asked if there are sharks out there to catch as well? The Black Tip Shark is quite popular on the Dan Russell Pier and ok to catch. The real challenge seems to be as high as you are on the Pier, getting your shark out of the water is the real challenge as high up as you are. Figure this one out and you have it made. Good luck if you endeavor live Shark Fishing here.

All this Panama City Fun & more happens Under Your Panama City Sun.

It's all free and another service brought to you on your PanamaCitySun.com Visitor's Information Site.

Here at the Panama City Sun we try to make everything nice and easy for your visit to Panama City, Florida or to offer a helpful guide to the local residents.

So many choices so much fun.

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Pier Walk On Panama City Beach For Sightseeing, Spectators & Fishing

Dan Russell-Fields Pier or your City Pier and now your M.B. Miller County Pier as the Second Great Pier here overlooking the sugar white sands and emerald waters of Panama City Beach!

Panama City Beach, Florida

Here is our section on just the beach Pier here in Panama City Beach, Florida on Front Beach Road. The Pier access is directly across the street from the Pier Park Mall Shopping Center area. The Pier itself is about a half a mile long so it offers a nice view as well as a great fishing vantage point over the gulf of Mexico here on Panama City Beach. If this is not enough for you or for the committed angler who wants another great fishing spot. You now have two great Piers to choose from here on P.C. B. with Bay County's M.B. Miller Pier 

Many have called or written into us asking if we know if fishing is permitted here on the Pier? Yes fishing is permitted on both the City & County Piers here on PCB. One of the benefits of fishing on the Piers is if you are patient and you can wait. You can catch allot of fish on the Pier because since you are not moving in a boat and disturbing the fish with your motor. They are much more likely to be attracted to your fishing bait in the calm without boat motors. You save allot of gas too. (Find Lowest PC Gas Prices Here) Here is a view from the Pier back to Pier Park. You Can Visit Our Section On Pier Park Here. If you enjoy this Pier or even want to try another great fishing or sightseeing point. You can now enjoy the County M.B. Miller Beach Walk & Fishing Pier just up the road or east of this Pier on Front Beach Road. It is built as a matching identical Pier to this one and offers yet another great fishing or vantage point on to the waters of your Gulf of Mexico.

Join Us For Walk & A Picture Tour Off Of The Pier On Panama City Beach!

We also receive many questions about admission charges and access to the Pier here on the Beach. The Pier is open 24 Hours a day 365 Days a year if that answers the question for you including Holidays too. Take a walk out on the Pier and enjoy views like these and more!

Our Sugar White Sands & The Emerald Waters Never Looked So Good As When You Step Out On The Beach Pier, Life Is Great Here On Panama CIty Beach!

A nice walk on our beach Pier and taking in the ocean air will really get you hooked on Panama City Beach and her natural beauty bestowed upon her by Mother Nature herself.

You Can See Why They Call It The Emerald Coast With Pictures Like These!

The water frequently changes colors throughout the day. Sometimes your classic Panama City Emerald Green and others a Deep Sea Blue. Almost anytime the natural beauty of Panama City Beach is second to none! 

You can take a walk out on the Pier and look back at the shoreline view. It can be a most breathtaking view. Take your time and catch your breath in the ocean air. It's all real and waiting for you here on your Panama City Beach Municipal Pier!

The Emerald Coast Is A Fitting Name We Agree!

Panama City Beach is a wonderful place and views like these and more are yours as you walk out on Panama City's Pier. Photography buffs or those who really get into your camera will really enjoy the Beach Pier overlooking the sugar white sands of Panama City Beach and into the Emerald Green waters of your Gulf of Mexico in our beach area. Make sure you have plenty of memory cards or for some of you film to take in all of this and more with your camera as you visit our P.C.B. area. 

We All Love The Sun Here On Panama City Beach!

Look at that view of the emerald waters here on Panama City Beach. You can take it all in anytime day or night here on the Pier.

Hundreds of Thousands Enjoying Our World Famous Beautiful Panama City Beach!

We were talking about fishing here on the Pier and this group are having a great day and catching quite a few fish here on the Pier. The fishing here is pretty good and there is no shortage of smart fisherman who really partake in this pleasure here on your City Beach Beach Pier.

These Fisherman Are Catching Quite A Few Fish Here On The Pier at Panama City Beach!

Admission & Fishing Prices For The Pier

We have now posted a large picture on our site showing you both the individual Pier  sightseeing admission rates as well as fishing prices and rules for all ages.

General Spectator, Beach Walker and Sightseer Admission rates are  $2.00 Per Person.
Fishing Rates Daily For Ages 6 & Up Is

Fisherman are allowed 3 Rods Plus 1 Bait Rod Per Person with your admission to the Pier. Additional Rod $2.00, (5 Rod Maximum.) Your Fishing Admission fee includes licensing for the day's fishing as well so no worry about having to have a separate fishing license to be able to fish here. 

$ 6.00 Per Person
Fishing Rates Daily For Ages 5 & Under


Disabled, Active Military and Senior Citizens with proof, documentation or I.D. as required by the Pier Office.

$3.00 Per Person

Here is the sign you will see at the admission office on the Pier.

Here are the admission rates for the Panama City Beach Pier. Prices are for all ages and rules on Fishing and Numbers and types of fishing rods allowable.

Seasonal and Annual Passes are now available.

The annual prices for an annual pass to your Pier for fishing or general admission are shown below. Pass holders are restricted to 3 Fishing Rods Plus 1 Bait Rod Additional Rod $2.00,  (5 Rod Max Excluding 1 Bait Rod) Annual Passes Expire September 30th. 

20 Visit Pass $60.00
3 Month Pass $60.00
Annual Pass $180.00
Disabled, Active Military and Senior Citizens with proof, documentation or I.D. as required. Half Off The Above Posted Prices.

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